Our goal is to maximize our impact on poverty. For that reason, Tuli doesn't keep any of its profit for itself. In addition to paying our partners in Uganda for each product they make, we reinvest all of our profits back into Kampala through social projects overseen by our partner nonprofit organization.

Tuli is registered as a Social Purpose Corporation,  a special type of for-profit corporation that focuses its efforts and values on social impact. Being an SPC gives us the legal freedom to maximize our profits and then use that profit for good. This was the ideal model for Tuli because it gives us more flexibility than a traditional 501(c)3 would, but it also doesn't obligate us to spread our profits to stakeholders like an LLC would. 

What does that mean for you? First, you can wear your Tuli products proudly knowing that each and every one has made an impact. We pay the women who make our products first.

Second, you can be assured that we will use your money responsibly. While we do have operational costs (administrative costs, shipping from Uganda, etc.) we must incur, we strive to keep them as low as possible. That way, we can sell Tuli products at a reasonable price and still reinvest money into Kampala.