Tuli values your privacy. All personal information collected on this website is safeguarded and used only for purposes related to Tuli's mission.Your information will not be shared or sold.

Below is an outline of the information we collect and how we use it.

1. Information shared by you

Information collected by tulistore.com is used for activities associated with e-commerce. Types of information collected include your name, physical and email addresses, and payment information. We use this information to process payments and ship orders.

We use your email address for order confirmations and other order-related communications. Orders automatically subscribe you to our mailing list unless you opt out. You may also sign up for our mailing list here. Communication delivered through our mailing list include promotional codes, information about sales events, and news about Tuli. We will not include third-party offers or information in these emails. Additionally, we will not sell your email address to third-party websites or communication services. We store our mailing list securely using MailChimp.

You always have the choice to opt out from communications with Tuli. You will find information about unsubscribing from our mailing list at the bottom of each email.

2. Technological information collected

When you visit tulistore.com, we collect information about your web browser, computer operating system, and location. This information is not personally identifying and is used solely for research. We hope to enhance user experience by tracking what content is most relevant to our visitors and by monitoring the browser type and version used to access our website.

3. Third-party websites

We may facilitate access to third-party websites, such as social networking or other user-generated content sites, through tulistore.com by incorporating social media plugins or click-through links to Tuli's social media sites. You are subject to the third-party website's privacy policy whenever you enter personal information into these sites, whether or not they are accessed through tulistore.com.

4. Secure storage and protection of personal information

It is our goal to ensure that your personal information is kept secure when you use our website. We have technological, physical, and procedural systems in place to help safeguard your data.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology on all of our commerce pages to protect your payment, shipping, and billing information as it is transmitted to us. To ensure that you are protected as you make a purchase, check the website URL in your browser when you reach the billing page. The URL should beging with "https://" to ensure a secure transaction. If you, for any reason, feel wary about entering your personal information through our online store, please contact us and we will assist you. 

To further protect your information, please make sure that you close your web browser when you are finished using it and log off from or lock your computer before you step away from it. 

Even with comprehensive safeguards in place, no information transmitted over the Internet is guaranteed to be absolutely secure. Tuli has taken extensive steps to ensure that your data is always protected, but in the case of a breach of security, will not be held responsible for data lost. In such a case of a security breach, we will notify you as soon as possible.