Why buy ordinary? Every Tuli product is handmade in East Africa by talented, tenacious people who are working to provide themselves and their families with better futures. Click their images below to learn more about them and how your support is changing their lives!

Tuli’s artisans are paid fair wages that allow them to feed their families, educate their children, and rise out of poverty. Your purchase directly supports our artisan community, making a meaningful, lasting change.

We keep our team small to ensure maximum impact and because, unlike other brands, we do not limit the time our artisans can work with us. We’ve found that the more popular, time-based model is not a sustainable solution to poverty. We’ve had artisans use their income from Tuli to finish their schooling and get new jobs or start their own businesses, and while we love when that happens, we never force our artisans out of our program. When we bring them on the team, it’s for as long as they need us.