Lilian with her daughter, Saphina

Lilian with her daughter, Saphina

Nearly two years ago, Lilian's husband walked out on her and her 7-year-old daughter. Soon after, Lilian discovered she was pregnant. She worked throughout her pregnancy as a maid and as a cook until a village woman took the job from her and threatened to kill her if she protested.

Alone, Lilian gave birth to her daughter and soon found a new position as a maid for an American who was living in Kampala for business. When he returned home, Lilian spent several months jobless before coming to work for Tuli. 

She uses the money she makes from Tuli to feed her two children, to pay rent for a room in the slums, and to buy medication for her grandmother, who has diabetes.

Her dream is to fly in an airplane. 

Her message to Tuli supporters: "Thank you for supporting Uganda and making our lives better."