Margaret and her family are members of the Acholi tribe, a group of people originally settled in the northern part of Uganda. When the war tore through the north, Margaret's family fled to an internally displaced people's camp set up by Uganda's government.

When the war ended, the displaced people, including members of the Acholi tribe, were given permission to return to their homes in the north. But decades had passed. Many of the people in the camps were born there. They could return to the north, but they had nothing to return to.

Margaret's family, along with many others, came to Kampala in search of work, settling in the Acholi Quarter slum just outside the city. But work was scarce. Many Acholi people turned to breaking rocks in a nearby quarry for pennies a day or to making paper beads, as Margaret did.

Her dream: To go to school.

Her message to Tuli supporters: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to support me and my two babies.