One Year of Impact

It's been a year since Tuli officially opened for business, so today, we're taking a break from looking to the future and instead are reflecting on our short past. We at Tuli are overwhelmed by the support and reception we've experienced in our first year, and we appreciate every person who has purchased from us, shared our mission, or helped spread the word. You're the ones who are making a difference!

We still have a long way to go in the fight against poverty, but we're proud of what we've accomplished so far. In our first year of business, we've created enough work in Uganda to provide 4,448 meals, to send 39 kids to school, and to change the lives of the small group of artisans we work with.

We know we're still small, and that's why we keep our group of women small. The greatest part of our business model is the steady work and livable income Tuli provides. We want to be sure we can provide a life-changing income to each of our partners, so as we grow, our artisan team does, too.

We operate on an empowerment model, so we pay our partners for their work and trust them to use the money in the manner best for their families. We measure our impact in tangible goods to show you the power your purchases have, but the money you contribute may go to food or rent or medication. Tuli's power is in its aggregate sales, which provide income large enough to support and sustain a family.

We can't stress enough how much your support means to us. To show our appreciation, please use the code "HOORAY1" to get 20% off your purchase until Sept. 12. It's our birthday gift to you!

Redefining impact: A new way to show your money's power


At Tuli, our main goal is to create quality, fashionable products while maximizing the impact these products have in Uganda. We appreciate that when your purchase from us, you're trusting us to put your dollars to work in the best way possible.

With that in mind, we've created a new system that allows you to see exactly how much your purchase matters in Uganda. Each product page contains a description of what that products means to the women who made it. Here's an example:


Because we work on an empowerment model, it is important to remember that our impact descriptions are just illustrations of what your money can do. We hope to give you insight into your money's purchasing power in Uganda, but we never tell our partners what to do with their wages. Tuli's power comes not only from individual purchases, but also from the combined, steady income our partners are able to earn. So, an item that generates enough money to feed a family for a week might be put toward education, rent, or a savings account. Our goal at Tuli is that our partners look beyond their immediate needs, like food and shelter, and instead can focus on long-term needs, like education or savings for the future. We work with our partners to set good per-product wages that can yield a livable income.

As much as we are committed to our partners in Uganda, we are committed to you. We want to show you exactly what your purchase is capable of doing. Even the smallest of purchases through Tuli can do big things.

Learn more about our impact descriptions here.


New Tuli layering necklaces

Layer up! Our latest necklaces are so versatile, they're sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

As always, these Tuli products are ethically made using recycled paper beads from Uganda. Your purchase helps change the lives of our beneficiaries in Kampala by helping them rise out of poverty. We pay them a fair price for their work and create sustainable jobs for them.

Available in three colors: red, blue, and green.

How will you wear yours? Show us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured!


The Tuli Holiday 2014 Collection

This season, we're all about whites and gold complemented by icy colors, and we've got you covered for every holiday gathering, New Year's Eve countdown, and gift-giving event of the season. As always, sales of our paper beaded jewelry empower the Ugandan women who make it to rise out of poverty. Talk about holiday cheer.

Shop bracelets and necklaces this holiday season, and don't forget to show us your style on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured.