Redefining impact: A new way to show your money's power


At Tuli, our main goal is to create quality, fashionable products while maximizing the impact these products have in Uganda. We appreciate that when your purchase from us, you're trusting us to put your dollars to work in the best way possible.

With that in mind, we've created a new system that allows you to see exactly how much your purchase matters in Uganda. Each product page contains a description of what that products means to the women who made it. Here's an example:


Because we work on an empowerment model, it is important to remember that our impact descriptions are just illustrations of what your money can do. We hope to give you insight into your money's purchasing power in Uganda, but we never tell our partners what to do with their wages. Tuli's power comes not only from individual purchases, but also from the combined, steady income our partners are able to earn. So, an item that generates enough money to feed a family for a week might be put toward education, rent, or a savings account. Our goal at Tuli is that our partners look beyond their immediate needs, like food and shelter, and instead can focus on long-term needs, like education or savings for the future. We work with our partners to set good per-product wages that can yield a livable income.

As much as we are committed to our partners in Uganda, we are committed to you. We want to show you exactly what your purchase is capable of doing. Even the smallest of purchases through Tuli can do big things.

Learn more about our impact descriptions here.