Collaboration: Tuli and Runway to Freedom


We couldn't be more excited to announce our collaboration with a nonprofit organization that, like Tuli, uses fashion to create big change: Runway to Freedom, an annual fashion show held in Seattle that fights domestic violence. 

This year, proceeds from the show will benefit Mary's Place, a women's shelter in Seattle.

At Tuli, we  believe just as much in offering support overseas as we do in our own backyard. We're based in Seattle, and helping the women in our own community is profoundly important to us. We hope our neighbors in the city will enjoy seeing our products -- as well of those from other awesome companies and designers -- at the show.

Domestic violence is a big concern, both locally and globally. Many of the women we partner with in Uganda suffered years of physical and emotional abuse before leaving or being left by their husbands. These women tell us that, even though feeding their children is harder with only one income, escaping the abuse brought them a new life.

Similarly, in the U.S., domestic violence is an all-too-common crime. Sheriff's offices and police departments are inundated daily with calls about domestic violence incidents. One in four women will experience domestic violence abuse, according to Safe Horizon, a domestic violence support organization. We encourage you to learn about the legal, economic, and psychological challenges that come with domestic violence here.

Tuli has its roots in Seattle, and because of that, is familiar with both of these outstanding organizations. Before Tuli was founded, I walked as a model in Runway to Freedom and met Lauren Grinnell, the founder of the show, who has raised more than $10,000 to help survivors of domestic violence. She was among the first of Tuli's inspirations.

Around that time, I also volunteered at Mary's Place, the women's shelter that will receive proceeds from this year's show. During my time there, I met women who are more tenacious, intelligent, and all-around exceptional than I could ever hope to be. I saw firsthand how the shelter works to empower the women it serves to rise out of homelessness, rather than to simply hand out one-time aid. They were another of Tuli's early inspirations.

Please join us in extending your support to both of these phenomenal organizations. Seattle neighbors, please consider attending the show (and look for some sweet Tuli products in your swag bags!). Other friends, please visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline's website for more information about domestic violence and for resources about how to get help.

The 5th annual Runway to Freedom show will be held on Nov. 14 at the Showbox Market in Seattle. Visit the Runway to Freedom website for more information and for tickets.